Kirkus Reviews: The Lines (starred review)

“A master of narrative control, Varallo creates the kind of page-turning suspense you don’t expect in a book like this . . . A darkly cutting investigation of dysfunction in which the kids, more often than not, are way sharper than the parents.”

Long River Review

“That’s a good sign to me, that a story is memorable years later. I want the story to stay with readers long after they’ve read it.”

Iowa Public Radio: Talk of Iowa

“There’s some sense of the way I see the world, of the way I apprehend my own life, that’s coming through in these stories.”

The Los Angeles Review: Everyone Was There

“These stories evince a sense of wonder at the world and a suspicion of lazy understandings of what is supposedly ordinary.”

The Colorado Review: Everyone Was There

“Absurdity is not necessarily a bad thing. In fact, as Varallo reminds us, sometimes it is a wonderful thing, a means of keeping our thirst for meaning in check.”

Agni: Writing What You Want To Read

“Sometimes I will ask myself, What kind of story do I rarely see in the slush pile? What kind of story do I want to read right now?”

The Writer Magazine: How I Write

“The best ideas are hiding just behind your doubts. When I push through doubts, I find it’s an access point to something that’s meaningful.”